About Me

Thank you for visiting my very own blog site. I hope that you have looked at all the things I have written about Norwegian food here and enjoyed my articles.

I am a British freelance photographer who fell in love with Norwegian food, with my then Norwegian girlfriend who is now my wife, and of course, my two beautiful half British and half Norwegian daughters.

As a way of giving tribute to my first love — which is FOOD – (I hope the wife doesn’t get to read this, haha) I have established this blog. Here, I am featuring everything that I love about Norwegian food, the traditional recipes, the best restaurants, the food that I have learned to cook and so on. This blog is for me a kind of tribute to my adoptive country.

When I migrated to Norway, I have heard lots of things from expats and people back home about both the good and bad things they know about Norwegian cuisine. One of the common comments I get is how seafood is always part of the Norwegian diet, from breakfast to dinner. Well, that can’t be helped of course as Norway is surrounded by water. You have the Barents Sea in the northwest, the Norwegian Sea or the North Atlantic Ocean in the west, the Skagerrak in the south and the North Sea in the southwest. It therefore follows that the main cuisine of the country is made of seafood.

Given my appreciation for Norwegian food, the goal of this blog is to show what for me are the best things about Norwegian food, why I like it, what you can expect and so on. Everything in this blog site comes from my experience. If you get to experience the Scandivian cuisine, hit the Contact Me button and tell me how you found it.