My Favorite Norwegian Food of All Time

I have always been asked by friends and family what are the best Norwegian food that I have tried. Of course, each person who has lived in Norway and experienced what the country has to offer would have different answers to that question.

In this blog, I would like to share with you some of my top picks:

  1. Rokt Laks (Smoked Salmon)

Of all Norwegian favorites, this hands-down is the best for me. And I think the entire Norway agrees because rokt laks is a staple across the country. However, smoking salmon is not the only type of preparation for this type of fish. The Norwegians also dry cure it and come up with the gravlaks. Personally though, smoked salmon is definitely the best. I love having it for my breakfast, lunch and dinner and  even have it as a snack in between.

  1. Kjottboller (Meatballs)

Of course, fish is not the only thing that is on the Norwegian menu. They also have meats and one of the best cuisines involving meat is the Kjottboller. This dish is prepared by flavoring beef balls with ginger and nutmeg and then frying it. The meatballs are then served with mashed potatoes that have been liberally doused with gravy or cream sauce.

  1. Farikal (Mutton stew)

Another one of my favorites is the farikal which is usually prepared during the winter. The dish is made by boiling mutton and cabbage in a large pot, flavored only with salt and peppercorns. The Farikal is best served with potatoes on the side.

  1. Pinnekjott

Who doesn’t love Christmas? I especially await Christmas because it is the season for pinnekjott which is cured lamb cooked by steaming and topped by birch branches. It is usually served with sausages and even a side of potatoes.