Types of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floor coating is a type of surface coating which is applied to protect the floor from wear and tear and provide it shiner and beautiful look. Epoxy coating chemical is a combination of liquid polymer resin and liquid hardening chemicals. Once they are mixed together they are poured over a current floor or base material in order to establish a shiner and protective coating. Epoxy floor coating can be applied to concrete, wood, or tile floors. KJC Epoxy Specialists even offer you a floor that is completely created with epoxy.

Epoxy flooring is also very famous for industrial setups. The reason is that it creates a solid and strong surface which is impervious to industrial wear and tear and other chemical spills. KJC Epoxy Specialists can also mix sand, color chips, and other hard plastic junks with epoxy chemicals to provide traction to the surface. Quartz sand is also used for these types of floorings. The material of sand will help you to develop the floor which is nonslip for the food processing areas in industries. Many epoxy floor coating has anti-static properties which are ideal for electronic manufacturing industries and laboratories where electrical devices and charges could destroy sensitive electronic devices.    

Many individuals believe that epoxy flooring is crystal clear but others believe that it is actually opaque. Actually, pigments can be mixed with the epoxy chemicals to create an opaque surface that is solid and strong for domestic and industrial use. To establish a marble look, the specialist can mix the large particles or chips of plastic with contrasting colors. These epoxy flooring techniques are used for garage floors in residential buildings. They are also used to establish logs and symbols on floors in commercial and industrial setups. These types of epoxy floorings are known as mortar epoxy, graveled epoxy, and terrazzo epoxy.

Even though this type of flooring is normally found in commercial and industrial buildings but it is beginning to getting famous in residential buildings. There is a unique type of epoxy application for every type of room like a bathroom, kitchen, and garage. There are different types of tiles available in the market that is created from epoxy chemicals. These tiles are perfects solutions for the areas which will have to bear a lot of heavy traffic. Clear epoxy coating can also be poured over a tile or hardwood floors.

Epoxy floor coating is also used for garage in homes when the floor is made from concrete. To make epoxy floor coating on your own, you just need to buy a DIY epoxy flooring kit from your local home improvement stores. These chemicals are easy to prepare, apply, and relatively cost-effective. If you are not confident enough and don’t want to do it then you can contact epoxy floor contractors to handle the job. It is always good to consult with a professional contractor for their opinions and suggestions.